the story

Ladies Sangeet explores a debate on gender stereotyping, through the hilarious situations arising at a house which that is preparing for the sangeet ceremony, for Radha’s wedding.

In a corner of the house, Radha is locked in an intense debate with her mother, from her trousseau to her impending wifely duties and of course, marital sex. As the play progresses, we realise that Radha’s mother, Megha is undergoing a separation from her husband because of his rumoured affair with another woman, but she is has to put up a smiling face for the sake of a smooth wedding.

Adding to the pandemonium, Radha’s grandmother and her sister are locked in a battle regarding the choice of wedding music.

As Megha breaks her long standing silence with her husband and decides to accept her sautan, the plot takes an unexpected twist! Ladies Sangeet ends with an exciting Bollywood song and dance number, keeping you entertained till the curtain closes.

cast & crew

  • Loveleen Mishra
  • Joy Sengupta
  • Gopal Dutt
  • Shikha Talsania
  • Siddharth Kumar
  • Nivedita Bhargava
  • Sarika Singh
    Madhura Bua
  • Ketaki Thatte
  • Monica Gupta
    Babli Bua
  • Trisha Kale
  • Niranjan Iyengar
  • Harsh Dedhia
    Costume Designer
  • Bhaavesh Gandhi
  • Sujeet Sawant
    Set Designer
  • Sriram Iyengar
    Set Designer
  • Harpreet

theatre company

Aarambh Mumbai

Helmed by Purva Naresh (a playwright and theatre producer), Gopal Dutt (actor and lyricist) and Naresh Saxena (a noted Hindi poet), Aarambh Mumbai is a theatre group that has, for the last five years, been continuously putting up productions in Hindi that have gained national and international recognition. Their productions have been invited to all the best theatre festivals in the country including META, Bharangam, Prithvi Theatre Festival, Centrestage Festival NCPA Mumbai, Adi Vidrohi Festival Bhopal and Bharat Bhavan. Aarambh’s repertoire includes Aaj Rang Hai, Ok Tata Bye Bye, Preth, Tunni Ki Kahani and Umrao.