the story

A classic case of mistaken identity that becomes confusion confounded, Chakkar Chalaaye Ghanchakkar is a light-hearted, dramatic adaptation of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, in Hindi by Gulzar Saab.

The play is about two pairs of identical twins separated at birth, and how their lives go haywire when they meet as adults. Raj Tilak and his wife are on a trip with their twin sons, both of whom they call Ashok. Since they look the same, they should be called the same, is Mr Tilak's reasoning. As fate would have it, they adopt another set of twins, both of whom they call Bahadur. An unfortunate accident then divides the family, leaving both parents with one child out of each pair of twins.

As the play begins, Ashok 2 is married to Sudha, and Bahadur 2 is married to Prema. When Ashok 1 arrives with his man Friday, looking to buy property in a small town somewhere in North India, he lands himself in a very unusual situation. Now there are two Ashoks and two Bahadurs in the same city! And from there begins the journey of fun, with not just bystanders, but even spouses mistaking one for the other, giving rise to several crackling scenes!

Laced with such delicious ironies, Chakkar Chalaaye Ghanchakkar comes across as a sweet, clean comedy. With a jest a minute, comedy comes from one-liners, a good portion from the unsaid words and well-expressed emotions. The presence of these four twins in the small town creates unexpected situations, which leads to serious confusions and is finally resolved much to the relief of everyone concerned.

cast & crew

  • Salim Arif Director
  • Zeeshan Ayub Ashok
  • Swanand Kirkire Bahadur
  • Lubna Salim Sudha
  • Shruti Seth Tanu
  • Sharmila Shinde Prema
  • Yassir Khan Inspector
  • Mithilesh Chaturvedi Mansoor Miyan
  • Sunil Pandit Chhedilal
  • Sahil Vaid Rickshaw Wallah

theatre company

Essay Pictures
Private Limited

Essay Pictures Private Limited is a production house registered with IMPPA, Mumbai, dealing with films, plays and events. Ghalibnaama in 2002 set the trend of stage shows based on literary personalities and their works on stage in Mumbai, initiating a movement which has been followed with shows on several master poets. Chakkar Chalaaye Ghanchakkar intends to be an easily accessible play for an audience that looks for a stress buster comedy, done with taste and mounted on a scale that is rare in today’s theatre.