the story

Mr Peachum, the owner of a small organization that makes outfitting and fake props for fake beggars- in a really poor part of the city, finds that his daughter, his only child has fallen for and gotten married to the bandit, Macheath. Macheath is a charming rogue with a propensity for visiting a particularly favourite brothel of his, but is yet so adorable that women find it hard to resist him. He has several charges levelled against him but one of the chief inspectors of police is his dear friend and is in his pocket. What follows is a crazy ride through a world of thieves, prostitutes, beggars, back alleys, and two timing characters- as Mr and Mrs. Peachum with some help, go about trying to imprison Macheath and get back their dear daughter.

theatre company

Motley was formed by Naseeruddin Shah & Benjamin Gilani in 1979. From being an itinerant troupe of two, Motley (later including Tom Alter, Ratna Pathak, Kenny Desai and Akash Khurana), now has a pretty large membership. Right from 1979 till date, Motley has brought every possible genre of drama to audiences of professional theatre across the length and breadth of India, and has performed to student audiences as well. With ‘story-telling’ theatre, Motley has found its niche and is serving the purposes of both entertainment as well as education.