the story

History attests that in 1551, an elephant made the journey from Lisbon to Vienna. Solomon the elephant and his mahout had already made a long sea voyage from Goa and spent a couple of years standing about in a pen in Lisbon, before setting off for Valladolid as a present from the king to the Archduke, who travelled with him to Italy by ship and across the Alps to Vienna. In the play, loosely based on Nobel laureate Jose Saramago’s ‘The Elephant’s Journey’, Solomon and his mahout Subhro proceed through various landscapes at an unhurried pace, attended by various functionaries and military men, and meeting along the way with villagers and townsfolk who variously interpret the sudden enigma of an elephant entering their lives.

cast & crew

  • Mohit TakalkarDesign & Direction
  • Amitosh NagpalAdaptation
  • Puneet Kumar MishraCast / Music Design
  • Alap VaidyaCast / Stage Manager
  • Ashish MehtaStage Manager
  • Payal PatilProperty Manager
  • Suyog DeshpandeAssistant Director
  • Prajakta SalbardeCast / Production Manager
  • Geetanjali KulkarniCast
  • Ajeet Singh PalawatCast
  • Nakul BhallaCast
  • Anand PotdukheCast
  • Anuj DeshpandeCast
  • Ashish PathakCast
  • Hitesh PorjeCast
  • Hrishikesh PujariCast
  • Jeevak MoreCast
  • Prasad KshirsagarCast
  • Pratiksha KoteCast
  • Shalva Kinjawadekar Cast
  • Shivani SonarCast
  • Siddharth MahashabdeCast
  • Shubham PareekCast
  • Tushar TengaleCast

theatre company

Aasakta Kalamanch Pune is one of the leading contemporary theatre organisations in Marathi Theatre. The group is known to fearlessly experiment, creating fresh idioms in theatre – be it in form or in substance. Their absolute insistence on innovative and exclusive production value and precision in technique makes their productions visually appealing too. Aasakta's core strength is its talented and motivated members who are pivotal players in its growth and success.