the story

Bandish is a story of two singers, one a nautanki singer and the other a baithak singer. Both performers relive days of their glory and have witty anecdotes to tell of escapes from kings’ palaces, slapping British officers, getting kidnapped by the local rangeeley zamindars, refuting lovelorn nawabs and getting duped by charming and conniving men in the name of love and marriage.

Traversing through nostalgia, albeit fun, can also be very tricky, as memories of the past are a combination of how it happened and how it should have happened. The desire to superimpose one’s desires on time is inevitable. The lives of the two singers are not lessons in history, but life as well.

cast & crew

  • Purva NareshDirector
  • Anubha FatehpuriaChampa Bai
  • Nivedita BhargavaBeni Bai
  • Ipshita Chakraborty SinghMoshumi
  • Danish HusainMunnu
  • Hitesh MalukaniKabir
  • Harsh KhuranaBabu
  • Niharika Lyra DuttStage Manager

theatre company

Helmed by Purva Naresh (a playwright and theatre producer), Gopal Dutt (actor and lyricist) and Naresh Saxena (a noted Hindi poet), Aarambh Mumbai is a theatre group that has, for the last six years, been continuously putting up productions in Hindi that have gained national and international recognition. Their productions have been invited to all the best theatre festivals in the country including META, Bharangam, Prithvi Theatre Festival, Centrestage Festival NCPA Mumbai, Adi Vidrohi Festival Bhopal and Bharat Bhavan. Aarambh’s repertoire includes Aaj Rang Hai, Ok Tata Bye Bye, Preth, Tunni Ki Kahani and Umrao.