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The year is 1570. Yousuf Shah Chak, the warrior king of Kashmir captivated by a peasant girl, falls in love with the beauty of her voice and the richness of her rhyme. She is Zoon (the moon). They marry against all odds. Their love, destined to be short lived, is thwarted by a jealous Akbar, the great emperor. Renamed Habba Khatoun, she goes on to become the legendary last poet queen of Kashmir. 

In 2019, in a maidaan somewhere in Kashmir, the stage is set for a dramatic retelling of Zoon’s legendary tale. Five young college students wait to be assigned their roles for the show. Why have they caught the attention of a soldier stationed nearby? In another corner a mysterious woman sits silently. Who is she and what is she doing there? Little do they all know that the drama will unfold before anyone even gets onto stage.

As Kashmir’s past and present collide through the richness of song and poetry, be enthralled by this compelling and dramatic reinterpretation of the story of Zoon, the nightingale of Kashmir. 

Produced by Aarambh Mumbai
Written and Directed by Purva Naresh

Music - Sh. Krishen Langoo
Music Assistant - Raja Bilal
Hindi Lyrics - Mohammad Younus 
Set Design - Meenal Agarwal 
Sound Engineer - Varun Gupta 
BGM - Varun Gupta 
Light Design And Operation - Asmit Pathare
Costume Design - Nakul Sen 
Set Execution - Praveen Bhonsale
Stage Manager - Chaitanya Deshpande
Set Up Supervision - Spriha Nakhare , Ayaz Ansari

Guitarist - Nikant Sharma 
Violinist - Brendan Bosco Rocha
Percussionist - Pranay Upadhyay
Harmonium - Purav Jagad

Yash Khan
Darshan Jayesh
Raghavendra Kaurav
Shubhashree Sahoo
Rakhi Kashyap
A Very Special Thanks To: Ashwat Bhatt [Kashmiri Resources] , Naresh Saxena  [Poems] , Sachin Kamani [Production Support] , Rabiya Nazki [References] , Farooque Nazki [Insights On Zoon].

Akhil Pratap Gautam

Amanjeet Proch

Asheish Nijhawan

Chirag Garg

Darshan Jayesh

Harsh Khurana

Ipshita Chakraborty Singh

Kacho Ahmad Khan

Kaustav Sinha

Mir Sarwar

Niiya Kumar

Nivedita Bhargava

Prakriti Dutta Mukherji

Raghvendra Singh Kaurav

Shubham Bagri

Vivek Kumar

Vrinda Kacker

Yash Khan

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