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Mosambi Narangi

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Mosambi Narangi, translated from the award-winning Stones In His Pockets, is a comic yet poignant take on the effects of the great Bollywood Dream on a small town. 

Lights, Camera, Action! The next big Hindi blockbuster Ishq Banaraswala is being shot on the Banaras Ghats. Two locals, Mosambi and Narangi, are thrilled at being cast in this epic film. The glitz and glamour of Bollywood have always been a part of their dreams. Now they have the chance to be in an actual potboiler, to sing & dance with the beautiful and famous heroine Sabrina, to fight the goondas, to become reel-life heroes! Narangi has just closed down his video shop and has great aspirations to get his own script made into a film. Mosambi has recently returned from Bombay and is enthralled by the beauty of the movie’s leading lady. 

But they are only two extras trapped and stuck on the continuity! And as our two innocent protagonists struggle to understand the functioning of the Hindi film business, the make-believe glamour of Bollywood quickly fades away and the reality of being an extra kicks in.
Produced by Rage Productions
By Marie Jones
Written in Hindi by Ashok Mishra
Directed by Mohit Takalkar
Assistant Director - Sahil Ahuja
Music - Anadi Nagar & Kartavya Anthwaal Sharma 
Set Design - Rachel D'Souza and Ashish Mehta
Costume Design - Rashmi Rode
Light Design - Sachin Sanjay Lele
Production Controller - Ayaz Ansari
Production Manager - Priyanshi Bahadur
Assisted by - Zeus Paranjpe
Make Up - Nandu Wadke
On Sound - Varrunn Bangera
On Lights - Gurleen Judge​

Ajeet Singh Palawat

Rajit Kapur

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