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Produced By Dur Se Brothers

Dur Se Brothers is the innovative production company founded by theatre maker Yuki Ellias, along with Niloufer Sagar, who acts as executive producer. The group has a number of successful shows - Charge! and Yatagarasu (Keep Calm and Dance) and the much-acclaimed solo performance Elephant in the Room (also a multiple META Award winner) under its banner. Dur Se’s productions have travelled far and wide in India and across the world - including to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (part of the India@UK 2017 official showcase), the 8th Theatre Olympics, Hindu Metropolis Festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Bandra Festival, India by the Bay in Hong Kong and many more.

Hello Farmaaish

​In a forgotten hamlet, three village misfits home grow an experimental community radio to follow Kalpana Chawla’s odyssey to space. The daily broadcast sets them off on a flight of imagination and misadventures.
This heartwarming play is the story of resourceful women with vivid imaginations, who find enterprising ways to traverse through time, distance and space.

Produced By Dur Se Brothers

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Directed By Yuki Ellias

Written By Yuki Ellias

Abhishek Chauhan

Adithi Kalkunte

Amritha Bagchi

Priyanka Setia

Puja Sarup

Vaishali Bisht



12th October 2018

The story is located in a hamlet in Haryana and is based on Kalpana Chawla’s trip to space. On knowing about this, a group of young girls in this village and their sewing teacher go on an odyssey of their own. They start a program “Hello Farmaish” a call-in show that caters to all sort of requests and also talks about Kalpana Chawla’s mission on a ham radio channel. In that process they face hurdles – social stigma, threat, vandalism. Yet their flight of fantasy doesn’t stop. The stage is creatively designed like an abstract painting. It has a stairway to stars hanging from the ceiling. There is a round ring that looks like an orbit but is really a door. Clouds and a tree complete the dreamy effect. The review would be incomplete without a word of appreciation about the acting. The seasoned cast gets their Haryanvi diction as well as gait just right. The awesome music and the simple dance moves help in creating a lasting impression and we keep travelling the roller coaster with the actors. Yes, it is a story about women empowerment. But there is more. It breaks stereotypes such as gender-bender issues, one can follow one’s heart sitting at any corner of the world and not all men are MCPs. Nonetheless, because of the crash of the spacecraft Columbia, Kalpana Chawla could not make it. She and her fellow astronauts died as the world watched in horror. But what happens to our Hello Farmaish girls? Where does their odyssey take them? No more spoilers from us. Watch Hello Farmaish whenever it is staged again as it is totally worth the jump between dream and reality. All said, Hello Farmiash is about that flight that we all need to take – in and out – every single day.

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