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In the last 17 years, AKVARIOUS Productions (Bombay) has staged over 60 plays covering a wide range of genres and languages, of which 6 have been nominated for the META awards and 2 have won the prestigious award for Best Play. AKVARIOUS has performed over a 1000 shows across 26 cities, in India and abroad, and has produced eight plays for children.

Under the gypsy moon

​As a child in a village by the river, Srikanta learns about religious and social might from a burly boy, Indra. And he idealizes Annada Di, the epitome of selfless devotion to a worthless husband, who leaves an indelible impression on Srikanta’s mind, and becomes his bench mark to measure the worth of a woman. A chance meeting with Pyari, the dancing girl, who happens to be a child widow of his own village, and supposedly dead, brings about a noticeable change in his attitude. He considers Pyari to be the basest woman, who has given up all morals for the sake of comfort and tries hard to get away from her. He even ends up being an ascetic. But, in his zeal to serve sick people, he himself falls ill and is nursed by Pyari in her own house, thereby bringing the two in unavoidable proximity. Though Pyari nurses him well, as soon as he recovers, he abandons her and sails to Burma. And, here he meets another strong woman Abhaya, who is traveling with a companion, Rohini, and is supposedly going to Burma to look out for her estranged husband. Srikanta empathizes with this ‘forward woman’ and soon becomes privy and witness to the cruelty of her husband. Abhaya abandons her husband and accepts Rohini as her lover. Though, initially, Srikanta is sceptical of this move, the common suffering of progressive Burmese women at the hands of menfolk, forces him to accept the folly of his own kind, who take women for granted.

Produced By AK Various

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Directed By Akash Khurana


Krithika Iyer

Krutika Deo





12th October 2017

This was another brilliant production brought by Aadyam, mesmerising as usual. The classic story of Srikanta (by great Sarat Chandra Chandra Chattopadhayay) those who love literature, was just happening live. The story in flashback looked so real. Some of stage effect, like boat moving and sound of water was almost unbelievable. Though those who understand Bengali had better appreciation of some beautiful songs. Mix of Bengali, Hindi and English was true fusion. Flawless acting and costume of that era were perfect. Sound at last benches was bit low or quality needed improvement. Introduction of actors was probably avoided due to distribution of booklet, though I always felt that all actor/actress they look for that huge round of applause which I too enjoy doing from core of my heart. Reconsider it. Overall watching such play at Kamini Auditorium adds to your unforgetabble experience.

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Theatre in India, much like other places in the world, has a paradoxical image. As those in the Indian theatre scene would attest, dearth of funds and the occasional distracted audience remain an obstacle in what should otherwise be a free-flowing creative pursuit. At the same time, there is a small but significant section of the intelligentsia that gives the scene a cerebral hue, making it perceivably inaccessible to those who may not be so actively clued into the theatre scene. But all that is a thing of the past.

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